What is a good horse for riding?

Intended above all for a competition or for regional, national and especially international competitions, horse riding has attracted the four corners of the globe since antiquity. Everything is based on the choice of a good horse adapted to the circuits…

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Horse riding: what is it exactly and how to do it What is horse riding?

Horse riding is part of the equestrian sport. Equestrian sport groups together various disciplines that have in common the use of the aesthetic and athletic abilities of a horse. In fact, many people also practice horse-riding as a leisure activity….

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How to choose your horse to start riding?

Starting riding is not as easy as you might think. It is a whole discipline that requires the perfect mastery of different techniques, but also the right choice of certain elements and accessories. The choice of the horse is an…

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Top 5 most popular horses in the field of horse riding

It is easy to find a good horse for riding. However, some breeds stand out from others through their different qualities. Depending on the equestrian activity, some horses attract more interest than their guests. Which breeds are the most popular…

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Protect your horse from the wind by choosing quality blankets

Although the horse systematically adapts to climatic variations, it is still sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. In the case of wind, extreme cold or after exertion, it becomes fragile and can fall ill easily. To protect it, it is…

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