Top 5 most popular horses in the field of horse riding

It is easy to find a good horse for riding. However, some breeds stand out from others through their different qualities. Depending on the equestrian activity, some horses attract more interest than their guests. Which breeds are the most popular for horse-riding? To find out, consult this top 5.

Horses for show jumping

Show jumping is a very popular discipline in the field of equestrian sport. Its particularity is that the horses used in its practice must combine skill and elegance. In general, one cannot speak of a horse for riding, let alone the Hanoverian. This applies especially in the field of show jumping, as this breed of German origin is appreciated for its skill and suppleness. Its appearance and skill make its jumping performance pleasing to the eye. To be a good horse for show jumping, it is important to be lively. On this point the French Saddle is overflowing with it. This is why he is on the list of the most prominent horses in the field of horsemanship. It has genes of the English thoroughbred that also make it a very elegant horse. Moreover, he is also easy to train and courageous.

Horses for riding

The Quarter Horse is an excellent horse for riding. It is the oldest breed native to the United States. Very enduring, it is particularly appreciated in the field of horse-riding. His calm and courageous temperament allows him to face any challenge. It is a companion of discovery that adapts easily to your needs in terms of hiking, because it is docile. In fourth place, the Paint Horse is a versatile horse. Indeed, it can adapt to all riding practices. Nevertheless, many people appreciate him for his qualities in riding. A Paint Horse is a Quarter Horse, but the difference is that his coat is colorful. Although these two types of horses have differences, they share the same docility and calm, ideal for the practice of riding.

Initiation mounts

The contender in fifth place in terms of horses for riding is the Appaloosa. It is one of the most used breeds for the initiation of new riders. It combines agility, docility and manoeuvrability among other things. All these qualities make it a perfect mount to learn horse-riding. In short, the breeds of horses are still numerous. Nevertheless, those that appear in this Top 5 are the most appreciated in horse-riding. Even if they have been associated with a particular discipline in the equestrian field, most of them are versatile. It is for all these reasons that these 5 breeds are very much in demand in the field of equestrianism.
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