Horse riding: what is it exactly and how to do it What is horse riding?

Horse riding is part of the equestrian sport. Equestrian sport groups together various disciplines that have in common the use of the aesthetic and athletic abilities of a horse. In fact, many people also practice horse-riding as a leisure activity. In fact, horse-riding can be defined as a sport and also as the art of riding a horse. Indeed, the questions that arise are: what exactly is riding? How to practice horse riding? And what are the different forms of riding?

What is horse riding?

In this short introduction, we have just given a definition of equitation, but in principle, this one seems insufficient. Indeed, we can also define it as follows: it is a way of driving the horse below the human action. Another definition of riding is a technique, an art and also a sport that includes riding and directing a horse. And finally, riding is a meeting between a rider and his horse. Historically, horse-riding has played a pragmatic role because it was originally designed to facilitate transport and travel. But in the past, horse-riding also had a military role through the cavalry and chivalry corps. Furthermore, in the past, horse-riding was a predominantly male event. It was only from the 20th century onwards that it became mixed. Today it has many female participants, especially in national and international competitions.

How is horse riding practiced?

Horse riding can nowadays be practiced as a leisure, an art and a sport. However, the practice of riding needs a great complicity between the rider and the horse. And for this, it is important that this couple unite in order to be able to manoeuvre in good condition. As a sport, horse riding should normally be practiced in an equestrian centre, but as an art and leisure activity, it can be practiced in the context of hiking or riding for a few days. Moreover, horse riding is a passion for the horse, so it should be practiced in a good mood, joy and respect between the rider and the horse.

The different disciplines and forms of riding

There are many riding disciplines and they are all different. So, as an equestrian sport, riding has three Olympic disciplines. These are: dressage, show jumping and eventing. As a sport that is often practiced by many people, riding has five forms. These are: circle vaulting, endurance, trekking, western riding and ethological riding. Riding has three forms, namely horse show (which consists of performing a horse show or a circus act), show jumping and gallops. In short, in the definition of equitation, we always talk about horse and rider. This sport thus includes several disciplines and several forms? Meta descp: Horse riding is a technique, a hobby, an art and also a sport that includes riding and steering a horse. This event attracts many people today.
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