At what age can you start riding?

There is no specific age at which a child can start riding, especially if a child is a petitioner. From the age of three, a child can physically ride a horse but nothing prevents him from starting before that age by offering a short pony ride to the child who feels like it.

Introduction to horses

Many parents wonder when to start riding? An introduction to equestrian sport can be done very early because it allows a first contact with the animal and the world of the horse: pleasure to see a horse, to touch it, to caress it and to brush it. Many parent-riders encourage this contact at a very early age so that the child discovers the pleasure of contact with a pony or horse in general at a very young age. It is obviously not a question of galloping, but just a little outing, preferably perched on the back of a nice pony or a small horse. For a child who is more reluctant, it is better to wait a little longer and especially not to force to ride.

Riding in a club

The passion for horses can be caught at any age and the question of when to start riding is purely theoretical. Children can start with real riding lessons around the age of six-eight. Indeed, from this age they are able to do it physically and are also able to concentrate sufficiently. In the beginning, children often ride larger or smaller ponies held in a lunge, which means that the horse is led in a circle by a riding instructor. In the initiation phase, a riding session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and increases according to the child's physical condition to 45 to 60 minutes with group and level riding lessons.

What does horse riding bring to children?

For children who are "in demand" from an early age, many parents still wonder when to start riding. Learning to ride a horse has many beneficial effects on the child. Indeed, the practice of this sport improves motor skills, develops a sense of balance, promotes coordination of movements, improves endurance and strengthens the muscles of the whole body. On a psychological level, horse riding develops strength of character, self-confidence and the willingness to learn, all of which has a very positive effect on a child's school performance. It is also important to know that horse riding provides unique pleasures and is not just a sports activity like any other, since it allows us to build a relationship with the horse, man's noblest conquest.
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