How many years does it take to become a professional rider?

Passionate about horse-riding, you dream of becoming a professional in this field. Know that it's a dream that can be fulfilled. With motivation, regularity and good training, you can reach your goal. But, how many years does it take to get there?

Passion above all!

If you're wondering how to become a riding pro, then you should know that you must first and foremost be passionate about the equestrian world. It is this passion that will motivate you to improve and perfect your techniques. Without it, becoming a professional can take many years. However, if you invest yourself in terms of time and if you have the desire to really succeed, you will be able to progress quickly. So, the first thing to do before embarking on any kind of training is to make sure that you have a great interest in everything related to the equestrian world. Many of those who have become pros in this field started riding very early (around the age of 10 or 11).

Training courses sanctioned by a "Gallop"

How to become a pro horseman? In addition to passion, you need to follow theoretical and practical training. The progress of the riders is sanctioned by a diploma called "Galop". There are seven levels of galloping. The content of each training course is determined by the French Equestrian Federation. The passage from one gallop to another depends on your progress. It is your instructor who will tell you if you have this or that level. But in general, from gallop 1 to 4, it takes one year each. From gallop 4, it takes more than a year because the requirements are more important. But, it is also possible to skip gallops if you are over 18 and if you have a good level.

The CEP, diplomas more oriented towards professional competence

If gallops are more leisure oriented, CEP or equestrian abilities are more professional diplomas. Thus, to become a true professional in horse riding, it is recommended to take these exams. There are 3 levels, including CEP 1, CEP 2 and CEP 3. Of course, it is necessary to have a certain level to be able to pass these exams. In general, the CEP 1 is equivalent to a gallop 5. A CEP 2 is equivalent to a canter 6. And, a CEP 3 requires the skills and know-how required for a canter 7. However, nothing prevents you from trying a CEP 1 right away even if you do not have a canter, but already have advanced skills. On the other hand, to be able to enter a CEP 2, you must have obtained a CEP 1. The exam takes half a day.
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